A Day’s Work

Mood: A bit disappointed and frustrated Audio: Midsomer Murders Drink: Hibiscus and Lime Organic Yerba Mate  Snack: N/A I am damn rusty. It seems like five months is enough time for me to forget practically everything I know about sewing and working with fabric. Today, I set out to create two wearable chemise toiles. But […]

Inventory Day…Er… Week

Mood: Still feeling rushed even though I made it with time to spare Song: Something by Someone [earworm, ho] Drink: Water Snack: Chocolate chip cookies It’s time to take inventory of everything. Literally, everything. As you can imagine, I am dreading opening another storage tub and finding more craft things. Not that I don’t like […]

Colourwork Triangle Madness

Mood: Content Song: N / A Drink: Watered down coke [yum] Snack: N / A I thought I would share, before I go on to do some early morning laundry and hair care on this blustery November night, a project I’ve been obsessively working on today. Pattern: Triangle Loop by Erica-knits [link is to Ravelry] […]

Minutes to Three

Mood: Bored Song: N / A Drink: N / A Snack: N / A Just a few things I’m working on while I wait for 3 to roll around: 1. Trunkhose inspired baby breeches [Better photos of this sweet hand dyed yarn in natural light coming soon.] 2. Houndstooth cowl repeat sample [Wee! Colourwork! And […]

Smocking Ahoy! Or Not…

Mood: Awake and hungry but too lazy (or tired) to cook Song: N / A  (watching ‘The Bletchley Circle’) Drink: Hot tea (globe amaranth and oolong) Snack: N / A The dude works an early shift and I have volunteered my night owl-ism to stay up and make sure he gets up. So what to […]

An interesting break

Mood: Meh Song: S.E.R.I.O.U.S ┬áby Gwen Stefani Drink: None Snack: None I have recently become re-obessessed with knitting. Ravelry has become one my most visit pages and I’ve been dreaming of yarn and for days. It’s gone so far as me thinking it would be nice to have a whole wardrobe of knitted amazingess. I’ve […]