Minutes to Three

Mood: Bored Song: N / A Drink: N / A Snack: N / A Just a few things I’m working on while I wait for 3 to roll around: 1. Trunkhose inspired baby breeches [Better photos of this sweet hand dyed yarn in natural light coming soon.] 2. Houndstooth cowl repeat sample [Wee! Colourwork! And […]

Smocking Ahoy! Or Not…

Mood: Awake and hungry but too lazy (or tired) to cook Song: N / A  (watching ‘The Bletchley Circle’) Drink: Hot tea (globe amaranth and oolong) Snack: N / A The dude works an early shift and I have volunteered my night owl-ism to stay up and make sure he gets up. So what to […]