A Small Drafting Victory

So, as with just about everything, it has been a while since I have drafted anything on the duplicate I so painstakingly made nearly a year ago. Sidenote: She isn’t my size anymore though she is roughly the same shape so I take anything I draft on her now with a huge pinch of salt. […]

All Linked Up

Mood: Chillin’ like a villain Audio: Birds rejoicing in 70 degree weather Snack: Chocolate chip cookies Drink: N/A Not that you would have noticed but I’ve been spending a whole buttload of time sewing and drafting to relieve work-related stress in the evenings. But lately I’ve gotten the bug to make an accessory. Something bold, […]

Drafting Woes

Mood: Semi-frustrated Audio: Co-Optional Podcast #51 Drink: Iced Apple Cider Chai w/ honey whiskey [because it has been that kind of day.] Snack: N / A Designing/drafting this ‘modernized’ stay pattern has proved to be the more difficult than I anticipated. The Problems? How to make way for hips. The way the Victorians got over […]

Power Through? Me? Nah…

Mood: Content Song: Disparate Youth by Santigold Drink: Cherry Vanilla Cola Snack: N / A but my stomach is full with much needed indonesian peanut sautee from Noodles and Co. I had lots planned for today. Crank out a dress pattern, wash all the sheets, do a large water change on both tanks, order a […]