The Ugliest Pocket

Mood: Irritated at the idea of going to work Audio: Tires on pavement Drink: Water with lime Snack: n/a Don’t be me. Don’t apply the fancy new seam technique you picked up over vacation to every project you work on. The mantua maker’s seam should be used on straight(ish) seams, not the ultra curvy outer […]

When a Sewing Theory Comes Together

Mood: Hangrelieved (hungry angry and relieved) Audio: The sounds of my new neighbors moving in. Snack: Pancakes are on the way. Drink: Limeade Consider this a sneak peek. At some point, I’m going to make a complete write-up of this project. But this will have to suffice in the meantime. I just had to share […]

I Might Have A Problem

I can’t pass a fabric store, or a store that  just so happens to have a fabric section, without ‘just checking’ their selection of sheer fabrics. I always walk out of there with something. Last night it was two six yard bundles of sheer fabric, a measuring tape (the thing I had gone in to […]

Undocumented Progress Documented

Mood: Restless Song: N/A Drink: Tazo’s Green Ginger tea Snack: N/A I made the mistake of going into my garden this morning to take pictures of my lettuce bed and to pick four squash seedlings to give to my co-worker. That’s the thing about gardening: it sucks you in. For weeks I’ve been spending all […]