When a Sewing Theory Comes Together

Mood: Hangrelieved (hungry angry and relieved) Audio: The sounds of my new neighbors moving in. Snack: Pancakes are on the way. Drink: Limeade Consider this a sneak peek. At some point, I’m going to make a complete write-up of this project. But this will have to suffice in the meantime. I just had to share […]

I Might Have A Problem

I can’t pass a fabric store, or a store that  just so happens to have a fabric section, without ‘just checking’ their selection of sheer fabrics. I always walk out of there with something. Last night it was two six yard bundles of sheer fabric, a measuring tape (the thing I had gone in to […]

Undocumented Progress Documented

Mood: Restless Song: N/A Drink: Tazo’s Green Ginger tea Snack: N/A I made the mistake of going into my garden this morning to take pictures of my lettuce bed and to pick four squash seedlings to give to my co-worker. That’s the thing about gardening: it sucks you in. For weeks I’ve been spending all […]