A Small Drafting Victory

So, as with just about everything, it has been a while since I have drafted anything on the duplicate I so painstakingly made nearly a year ago. Sidenote: She isn’t my size anymore though she is roughly the same shape so I take anything I draft on her now with a huge pinch of salt. […]

Taking a Stab at Base Layers

Mood: Relieved Audio: Compound by Ruben de Ronde Snack: trail mix Drink: Turner’s iced tea I wonder if you haven’t figured out by now that my love for historical fashion runs incredibly deep. Despite this, however, I hardly have any costumes to show for it, let alone any foundations. Past historical projects of mine have […]

Seeing Double

Mood: Excited Audio: Cosmic Gate’s album ‘Wake Your Mind’ Drink: Water Snack: Avocado toast Anna and I have been through a lot together. It seems like a lifetime even though it’s only been little more than a week. In the beginning, it was exciting. But this excitement dulled rather quickly. She started getting rather ‘flaky’ […]

The Room

Mood: I don’t want to go to bed Audio: All the craft podcasts of Youtube. Snack: Leftover steak pizza  Drink: Count Traveler: A blood orange shandy In case I did not mention this before…I moved. We packed up our things and moved away from the city and now reside in a smaller but much more […]

Beautiful Mistakes

Mood: Make this humidity go away. Drink: The rest of my lime infused workout water Snack: N/A Audio: Hoarders: Buried Alive (I really can’t stop watching this show.) Whilst working on this here bralette pattern: The shoulder of the lace dress I’m also working on slipped off the narrow shoulder of my display mannequin  and […]

Becoming a ‘Bag’ Lady

Mood: Meh Audio: Oh the sweet sound zooming through a tunnel and flying down the hoghway because we’re more than an hour late to a birthday party Snack: N/A Drink: N/A These are more pouches than they are bags but the term ‘pouch lady’ doesn’t quite sound right. I made them this morning from some […]

At last

My rhinestone encrusted bra is finished and it only took a year of off and on glue sessions. The rhinestones are flat backs in 4-5 different sizes that have been hot glued to the bra itself. The dude calls it my battle bra because of how stiff it is.

Skirt Sloper (Complete)

Mood: Anxious Audio: My Curse by Killswitch Engage Drink: Water Snack: N / A Boom! A skirt sloper. As (somewhat) promised. Now I can get on with my plan to make more skirts than is actually necessary. [Enjoy my mismatched socks.] I took a peak into my stash again and found several panels of mesh […]

Muted Rainbows

This skein was dyed on a dye experiment day with one of my best friends almost a year ago. It was my fear of pooling that let this skein sit in my stash for so long. But now that I’m working with it, I’m more focused on the sweet rainbows of colour that pop up […]