The Ugliest Pocket

Mood: Irritated at the idea of going to work Audio: Tires on pavement Drink: Water with lime Snack: n/a Don’t be me. Don’t apply the fancy new seam technique you picked up over vacation to every project you work on. The mantua maker’s seam should be used on straight(ish) seams, not the ultra curvy outer […]

The Forgotten Era

Mood: Mildly frantic Audio: Birds flocking to the hedge Snack: N/A Drink: Yerba Mate Hibiscus and Lime tea So, I was digging through my box of commercial patterns today on a hunch that I had a pattern for combination underwear that I could use as a jumping off point for an upcoming project, when I […]

Drafting Woes

Mood: Semi-frustrated Audio: Co-Optional Podcast #51 Drink: Iced Apple Cider Chai w/ honey whiskey [because it has been that kind of day.] Snack: N / A Designing/drafting this ‘modernized’ stay pattern has proved to be the more difficult than I anticipated. The Problems? How to make way for hips. The way the Victorians got over […]

Eyelets Conquered! Bodice Complete!

Mood: Content Song: This is Love by Utada / Seasons by Ayumi Hamasaki Drink: Hot tea (orange pekoe) Snack: N / A After a stern look I finally worked on the eyelets. You may be wondering… Why the hold up? Answer: I dislike them. A lot. Why? Answer: I can never get them even let […]

It’s Pink!

As in ‘Congratulations It’s A Girl’ pink. Or ‘nausea, heart burn, indigestion, upset stomach…’ pink: It’s definitely not the deep vermillion I had intended it to be. The colour is the product of two consecutive dyeing sessions in my washing machine which leads me to believe that the fabric I used to make this underskirt […]

Progress! (Kinda)

Mood: Ready for a nap Song: Sexy, Free, & Single by Super Junior [The Kpop obsession continues!] Drink: A certain lemon-lime soda Snack: N/A I have officially become a 5 year old again. It’s been a relatively hilarious time standing in my bathroom and draping various fabrics over my face to test visibility, drape, and […]

After A Not-So-Quick Trip to the Post Office…

Mood: Feelin’ Kinda Gross [thank you lean cuisine meatloaf @.@] Song: Eat Your Kimchi’s interview with Eric Nam [Can you say Ageyo!!!!! squee!!!] Drink: Orange Juice Snack: Pulp? MY BEADS ARE HERE! Well most of them anyway along with a few other things. As I guessed the 4mm czech glass round beads (dark red) were […]

The Underskirt

Unlike the camicia post I don’t have a large historic schpeel about the underskirt’s role in the Italian woman’s every day – or special occassion – routine. There are no extant examples of underskirts and there are no separate skirts to be spotted anywhere in any painting that I have seen. This probably discredits this […]