A Solitary Sunday Night…

What do you do with all those egg whites and the little bit of yoke leftover from making puff pastry goodies? ‘Chinese’ style steamed egg: In a bowl that fits inside of your pot mix together chopped green onions, egg white, egg yolk, 1/4 cup of water or stock per egg white, and a tablespoon […]

My Ends

This is a quickie post, no need to know what I’m munching on/listening to. I was finger combing my hair this morning to try to wake up and decided to show you the difference between the ends at the front of my head and the ends at the back. The Front: So thin and scraggly […]

Slim Progress On A Snowy Monday

Mood: Frustrated Song: Something 50s in ‘The SuperSizers Go’ Wartime EpisodeĀ & something orchestral in ‘The SuperSizers Go’ Restoration Episode Drink: Lemon Ice Water Snack: N/A I can’t express to you how nice it was to wake up to the following text: “The office is closed today.” For once, on a Monday, I was able to […]

Beauty Supply Store Drama?

Mood: Frustrated Song: Lazy Girl by Girls’ Generation / Monster by Super Junior Drink: Tension Tamer Snack: N/A Disclaimer: This is a rant and thus my own unapologetic opinion. If you are offended by anything I have yet to say that is your perogative and you do not have stay for all of it. Everyone […]

Progress! (Kinda)

Mood: Ready for a nap Song: Sexy, Free, & Single by Super Junior [The Kpop obsession continues!] Drink: A certain lemon-lime soda Snack: N/A I have officially become a 5 year old again. It’s been a relatively hilarious time standing in my bathroom and draping various fabrics over my face to test visibility, drape, and […]