Finally A Sleeve Pattern

Just in time for my fabric to arrive in style: Stay classy USPS. Drafting the pattern wasn’t too hard. It was actually quite enjoyable. Especially the part where I made a 3 loop finger braid out if excess embroidery floss to help measure out the armscye of the bodice. ( P.S. Making long lengths of […]

As Usual

Mood: So-so Song: No idea but it is classic rock Drink: N / A Snack: N / A Progress on the pocket is going slow (I chose the wrong finishing technique) and the still – left – to – do list isn’t helping me keep up my sewing mojo. Neither is this little number that […]

Oh My Pocket

Mood: Meh Song: N / A Drink: N / A Snack: N / A Work on my soccaccia is nearly done. All that is left are the ties but I couldn’t gather up the willpower to stay up and get them done. I want to say that they will be done by the time I […]

On A Rainy Migraine Tuesday

I woke up this morning unable to face the natural sunlight filtering in through the windows. So I called off and tried to sleep the migraine demons away. Perhaps that was why it took me nearly all afternoon to sew a sleeve and the rest of the camicia panels together. This fabric already cuts my […]

The Saturday When Things Were Accomplished

In a complete changeĀ  of events, I have been productive. This is thanks, in part, to the lace meeting and the dude waking me up early so he could get to work. I improvised breakfast, washed two loads of laundry, mopped up the mess from a utility sink overflow (thanks to a few conspiring rags), […]