Just a Tiny Break

Mood: Meh Song: Solar Sailor by Pretty Lights / Music Sounds Better With You (12″ club mix) by Stardust Drink: N / A Snack : Cereal I had every intention of finishing the gown by last weekend. Honest. But I’ve launched myself into yet another cleaning frenzy. Why? Well, besides the house being way overdue […]

Eyelets Conquered! Bodice Complete!

Mood: Content Song: This is Love by Utada / Seasons by Ayumi Hamasaki Drink: Hot tea (orange pekoe) Snack: N / A After a stern look I finally worked on the eyelets. You may be wondering… Why the hold up? Answer: I dislike them. A lot. Why? Answer: I can never get them even let […]

It Pays to Clean

Mood: In need of a cuppa Song: Mein Teil by Rammstein Drink: Hot tea soon (hopefully) Snack: N / A I’m so ecstatic to be cleaning and going through things I can hardly contain myself… Heh…heh… Although, sometimes, I find a bit of treasure that makes me glad I decided to start these cleaning binges. […]

It’s Pink!

As in ‘Congratulations It’s A Girl’ pink. Or ‘nausea, heart burn, indigestion, upset stomach…’ pink: It’s definitely not the deep vermillion I had intended it to be. The colour is the product of two consecutive dyeing sessions in my washing machine which leads me to believe that the fabric I used to make this underskirt […]